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In my soul to take, yrsa sigurdardottirs second book in the thora gudmundsdottir series, thora travels to icelands west coast to assist a client who needs her help in a real estate transaction. Thora immediately leaves for a stay at the spa and is drawn into a murder investigation of the owner, jonas, accused of the murder of an architect. Yrsa sigurdardottir, author, bernard scudder, translator, anna yates, translator, trans. I never got to know much about the victim or really any of the characters in the book, and the possible romantic relationship between the main character and her boyfriend never even came to life. American readers first met icelandic lawyer and investigator thor. Among his oeuvre is a book of discount poetry sold in grocery stores, a childrens novel or two, and a nonfiction book on the state of iceland s industry and its future direction. Showing the settings for the story and talking about where she lives. My soul to take is a long book, because there are a lot of characters for thora to make the time to interview some more than once, and the backstory is quite complicated. A novel of iceland thora gudmundsdottir novels sigurdardottir, yrsa on. Like her first novel, last rituals, icelandic writer sigurdottirs second book also features attorney thora gudmundsdottir, my favourite female. A novel of iceland thora gudmundsdottir book 2 kindle edition by sigurdardottir, yrsa. Shes extremely independent and, essentially, carries the book with her determination to get to the bottom of everything. A novel of iceland thora gudmundsdottir novels paperback april 20, 2010 by yrsa sigurdardottir author 4.

Thra gudmundsdttir yrsa sigurdardottir, bernard scudder, anna yates on. The novel finds single mother and lawyer thora gudmundsdottir representing. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. He also ran for president of iceland in 2016 and came in third. Icelandic books what to read before visiting iceland. The book continues on one level in a classic mystery plot there is a range of. Review my soul to take by yrsa sigurdardottir euro crime. My soul to take by yrsa sigurdardottir books the guardian. Thora herself is a delightfully engaging character, full of quick, dry wit. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading my soul to take. In this mystery novel, the second in a new series by the icelandic writer, the dialogue is so stilted that it. Dear friends, this page is dedicated to everyone who iceland. In my soul to take, yrsa adds another ingredient to the mix, tapping into. He wants recompense from the people who sold him the property because the farmhouses he purchased have a hidden defect.

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