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Appcake repo installation, best alternative to installous while there are a lot of alternative to installous out there which look good, one of the best that we have right now is the appcake repo. Top 7 best installous alternatives to install ipa files. Interestingly, there are a few methods to get this working. Feel free to pass this post onto your developers tim on 12032014 at 21. Will erasing and syncing with new itunes erase cydia. In this post, i will be showing you how to install ipa files on your ios device. Installous alternatives for cracked ios apps blogmatic. A guide on how to install cracked applications from app store on ios.

Many ios 7 and ios 8 users have go for other alternatives such as appcake, ipa installer, appaddict, and others. Jul 25, 2014 i am trying to download big games from installous but it always say invalid ipa. The installous invalid ipa error is one of the dreaded errors when downloading and installing ips files. Download or find the ipa file you want to install on your ios device. I think installous can update the ipa if updage is available. Not working for ios12, update is coming soon, check.

Jul 11, 2014 im sorry, you will have to stick with the installous version that your iphone supports. When you visit the site from your iphone, it will help you search for the valid ipa files from the app. With ipa search, you can get that done easily but youll need some thing like ifunbox to install the downloaded ipa. For that past few weeks, it is showing the api error invalid ipa while making. Sep 27, 2012 how to solve invalid ipa errors in installous. Also added is a download manager which supports multiple files download at once, a fullfledged web browser and. Best applications like installous to install ipa files. This method is helpful to install cracked ipa without jailbreak. Guide offline tool how to install ipa file on iphone without itunes.

How to get rid of installous api error from jailbroken ipad. Can apple void your warranty for jailbreaking an iphone 4. Then you come to know your ipa creation is correct. Best installous alternatives that work to install ipa. This installous alternative isnt all that popular but its quite versatile and good in bringing up relevant and working results. Here are some blogs and forum comments about ipa not valid error msg on installous. How to install installous on your iphone or ipod touch. Cydia impactor download is the easiest way to sideload ipa and also apk files using a windows, mac or linux computer to download cydia on idevices. Cydia impactor is a gui tool for working with mobile devices.

Download appcake to iphone in 5 minutes appcake repo. It should also be said that the later versions of ios, 8 and up, are being met with a large number of bugs when it comes to installous. Explaining how they work is in no way an endorsement to purchase or find this program, or to express support for people who choose to illegally download any internet materials. The most frequent installer filenames for the program are. If ur device is jailbroken, you dont have to how d. Cydia impactor will ask for your apple id and password, which is verified with apple only and is used to sign the ipa file. These alternatives might not be as good as installous was but they are not too bad.

Heres a howto on how to get this app working on your iphone. This is an exclusive method by which no one is using to install kuaiyong. It supports the latest version of ipad and features transfer files like music, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts, and even camera roll from ipad to computer or itunes. Kuaiyong without jailbreak ios 9 10 no pc needed ipa file.

In this way, we use ipa file of the app and sideload it on our iphones and ipads using cydia impactor. It is an ios application archive file which stores an ios app. What directory to put ipa files for installous where to. If you have trouble installing or logging in with the ipa client, please click here for an alternate method to launch ipa. Click on the button below to download the installer. When you visit ipa search from your iphone, you can search for valid ipa files from the app. Not as versatile as other apps in the list, but ipa search gets the work done easily. I would also like to know how to get information abou the ipa file so that i can diagnose and fix the problem. There are several reasons for failed to instal in device. Ipa invalid error, ho to solve invalid ipa errors on installous 5, how to download ipa files from installous.

Best installous alternatives that work to install ipa files. Appcake was a popular alternative even in 2012 when installous had stopped working back then. Its also quite an amazing app which will tell you if an ipa is valid or not if you visit ipa search using your iphone or ipad. I am trying to download big games from installous but it always say invalid ipa. Jan 08, 20 with installous gone, you are probably trying to look for installous substitutes that can help you install ipa files onto your iphone or ipad without messing around with the nonworking installous, appsync etc. How to install ipa files on your iphone without installous or. You can use this tool to install ipa files on ios and apk files on android. How to transfer downloaded ipa from installous to itunes.

Cydia impactor download for windows, mac os and linux. Using installous to install cracked apps on iphone, ipad or ipod touch has been one of the easiest methods available on earth. However, installous 5 is no longer available since 2015. Follow these steps to stop this error and be enabled to successfully install the. Our antivirus check shows that this download is clean. Its quite different as compared to installous and a bit difficult to use. Install zeusmos for iphoneipad download zeusmos on ios. Hi everyone, so today ill be showing u guys how to install. Working how to install ipa file on iphone without jailbreak. We have compiled a list of alternate apps of installous. If youre not comfortable providing it, then create an alternative apple id and use that instead. It also solved, how to install ipa file on iphone without a computer. This free pc software is compatible with windows xpvista7810 environment, 32bit version. Ioscant install an app on a device things to check.

How to solve invalid ipa errors in installous chaladis blog. Im sorry, you will have to stick with the installous version that your iphone supports. Go download some free paid apps i wanted to, but i dont wanna connect my iphone to the comp to install ipa. Install appsync unified and forget about certificate revokes, not working apps. If the repository is not working correctly you can download the vshare ipa and install it through ifunbox following our previous tutorial. Juss go to settings in installous and set to install automatically after dl. Join our community just now to flow with the file installous and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting. Please make sure that your iphone device is connected with the itunes of that system. For more information on this improved ipa launch method, see this help page.

This will almost certainly be fixed in the near future. If you want to find another great alternative to installous, vshare is what i recommend. Not as much popular, but a good alternative if you are looking to download ipa files directly to your idevices. If an unable to download app popup appears after some time, first check the internet connection, and be sure that the device is not behind a firewall that may prevent downloading. Cydia impactor app allows you to directly install or sideload ipa files on. Best installous alternatives for cracked apps on ios 6. After rebooting try to download and install other apps from installous and check if youre again getting invalid ipa error or not. Cydia impactor windows mac linux 32bit linux 64bit ipa files. Blog and forum posts on ipa not valid error msg on installous. How to install ipa files on iphone without jailbreak. How to install any app ipa file on iphone, ipod touch or ipad. I also noticed there isnt a valid ssl certificate on your staging domain so youll need to get one installed or use dropbox. People who are very new to jailbreaking, they might or might not heard of installous which is one of the best app that you can install using cydia and it will let you download all the official ios apps paid or free for completely free.

But it will be quite useful in case you want to download any ipa installation file directly to your iphone or ipad. Jul 16, 20 for those who want to install cracked apps, you may follow the step by step guide below to download appcake to iphone in just 5 minutes without using itunes. Drag and drop the ipa file downloaded in step 1 onto cydia impactor. Without jailbreak and cydia, you can not download appcake because your device is unable to download and install ipa file. Sdl still has some bugs in source that are patched in the ios official distribution. Unlike cydia impactor there is no 3 app limit per device or 7day certificate. In this tutorial, we will look into a complete guide on how to install installous using cydia.

I get a mismatch with keychain access groups but it takes a while to upload the ipa file to testflight before it can tell me the file is not valid. Mar 26, 2016 ipa installer for windows using ideviceinstaller also support ios 9. Could not locate file within archive im creating an. The following assumes that you have a valid apple ios developer certificate. Without using itunes or installous, ssh is a great way to install ipa files to your iphone or other ios devices. Download cydia impacter latest version on your computer.

Cydia impactor is not working for some time now, and if you needed to sideload an ipa file on your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch you had lately a. For this method, you will need a windows or mac computer, and you will also need a working valid. Appcake repo installation, best alternative to installous. Jul 16, 2017 at the time of writing this article, cydia impactor does not support ios 11. Lmfao they are smart n know those ipa werent paid for. Feb 16, 2017 while running with my thought process, some random piece of chat struck me, when a junior ios developer pinged me in the wee hours with a sad face emoticon, that he couldnt download the. I used to download cracked apps from installous in my jailbroken ipad. Install kuaiyong without jailbreak ios 9 10 using ipa file. Apr 07, 2014 however installous was such a great tweak, you can download ipa files using it, despite that it does not work for all, still everyone loved it and after the death of installous, jailbreak users are looking for alternate apps that can be used to do the work of installous. However, some ios customizations are not in the master repo and you will have to build all dependent libraries yourself. Top 7 best installous alternatives to install ipa files biglittlegeek. If you are having problems with ipa errors, you can try removing and installing installous, appsync and even the hackulous repo altogether.

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